Beautystoredepot's Top 15 Best Sellers!

Posted by Heaven Leigh on 8th Sep 2020

Happy 15th Anniversary to beautystoredepot! It's hard to believe that we have been serving our amazing customers for 15 years now!! It would not be possible without YOU and our amazing staff. Thank you for your continued business, patronage, and support.  To celebrate we wanted to share with everyone our Top 15 Skincare Products. 1. EltaMD UV Daily SPF 40 - Not only does thi … read more
The Fight Against Maskne

The Fight Against Maskne

Posted by Kate on 13th Aug 2020

Sun's out, masks up! Our skin takes excessive damage, dirt and grime more than ever before with daily face mask wearing. Of course wear your mask, don’t touch your face, and keep hand sanitizer on at all times but many of us are facing a resurgence of a haunting issue – ACNE! Acne is at an all time high now! Washing your mask? Changing the disposable out frequently?? But, why doesn't that cut i … read more
Sanitizer Scoop

Sanitizer Scoop

Posted by Kate on 22nd Jul 2020

Get the necessary sanitation and skin barrier protection for this season! Elite brands Aminogenesis & iS Clinical have jumped on the wagon of glamming up Personal Protective Equipment. So don’t just match your face mask to your bag but kick the smelly sanitizer to the curb as well!AminoGenesis has done all of us a favor by creating a Hand Sanitizer that is not only CDC … read more
St. Peptide - The Anti-Aging Benefits of Peptides

St. Peptide - The Anti-Aging Benefits of Peptides

Posted by Kate on 10th Mar 2020

What are Peptides and are they worth all the static? The answer – YES! For starters, there are Collagen Peptides and Creative Peptides; meaning you either put it on your face for healthy skin/reverse aging or you can eat it for strength building and muscle health (we would not suggest you start eating your facial moisturizer).Essentially, Peptides are a smaller version of proteins. Just like prote … read more
Active Towel - It Goes Where You Go

Active Towel - It Goes Where You Go

Posted by Heaven Leigh on 5th Mar 2020

From the exotic markets of Turkey to the small streets of Murano, Italy, Active Towel brings its consumer the best in Turkish Cotton and Bamboo blends. Active Towel's buyers travel to beautiful, ancient towns along Eurasia's Silk Road procuring the finest in hand-loomed materials. From Turkish cotton towels and robes to Bamboo blends, here are just some of the things that make Active Towel produ … read more
Get Your glo Up

Get Your glo Up

Posted by Kate on 30th Jan 2020

If you’re someone that wears makeup daily, you understand the significance of finding a brand that you LOVE! If you love a brand you’re more likely to take risks and try products you’ve never used before. So, what makes or breaks a brand to love? Cruelty free? Mineral-based? Anti-aging properties? Affordability? With glo Skin Beauty you’ll have ALL of the above!Glo Skin Beauty is not only vegan-ce … read more
How-To Win Against 'Winter Skin'

How-To Win Against 'Winter Skin'

Posted by Kate on 22nd Jan 2020

This winter curve your itchy, flakey skin with some of the best lipid barrier replenishments! In summary, your lipid barrier is composed of fats to protect you from environmental stressors. To protect from outside irritants, and prevent natural aging factors you want to keep your lipid barrier happy.. Right? That’s right! So, how do you do it? These are’s best winter friendly … read more
GlyMed Plus Count Down to Top 4!

GlyMed Plus Count Down to Top 4!

Posted by Kate on 16th Jan 2020 is launching into the ‘New Year, New You’ with GlyMed Plus’ top 5! GlyMed takes special consideration in your skin regime to deliver the best, optimal results. Their 4-step process cleanses to prepare your skin for vital nutrients, treat your specific condition and restore, balance to revive skins ability to repair and renew, and lastly protect from harmful environmental pollu … read more
New Year, Renewed Skin!

New Year, Renewed Skin!

Posted by Heaven Leigh on 2nd Jan 2020

     "New Year, New Me", am I right beautystoredepot divas?!  In the spirit of the New Year, let's get our skin into the right regimen to perfect our flawless faces! With so many options on the market, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. As someone who is beginning to combat premature signs of aging and maintain my skin's smooth texture, these are the 3 primary product-ty … read more

Stocking Stuffers for the Skincare Lover

Posted by Kate on 13th Dec 2019

Cool weather and chaotic shopping is upon us! Add an extra sparkle to your stockings this holiday with a vast gift selection from beautystoredepot!*Do you have a skincare junkie to shop for? Don’t miss our Sample Preview Pack! This Packet allows you to choose what brands are given and an opportunity to try new brands and new products! *Top off your purchase with CosMedix Rose Q … read more

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by Heaven Leigh on 10th Dec 2019

Want to give the gift of glow but don’t know what to buy? Consult our gift guide to give the gift that gives back all year!1.  Dermalogica merges the gift of variety with a bold aesthetic with their Kelsey Montague designed Holiday gift sets. Gift the Ultimate Cleanse and Glow Trio to help boost the skin’s radiance. The Be Radiant Brightening & … read more
Keratin Complex: Beautiful Hair for the Holidays

Keratin Complex: Beautiful Hair for the Holidays

Posted by Heaven Leigh on 20th Nov 2019

     "Beautiful hair, every day!"  This isn't just Keratin Complex's aphorism; it is their entire brand philosophy.  At we continue to achieve such high level's of customer satisfaction due to the experience with such high-quality, amazing brands such as Keratin Complex.  Keratin Complex maintains its status in salons and hair care due to the … read more
iS Clinical Holiday Collections at beautystoredepot!

iS Clinical Holiday Collections at beautystoredepot!

Posted by Kate on 18th Nov 2019 features iS Clinical that hinges their success on taking all factors skincare should provide and optimizes its 'Pure Chemistry'. This holiday season iS Clinical is feature this through their winter collections: Luxurious Glow and Illuminating Eyes Collection!These sets feature what iS Clinical does best – perfecting ageless beauty! As it is said, “ … read more
Osmosis Beauty - Holidays With A Holistic Approach

Osmosis Beauty - Holidays With A Holistic Approach

Posted by Heaven Leigh on 14th Nov 2019

     Holidays are officially back and in full-swing! At, this means we have all of our fabulous brands releasing beautiful holiday kits and collections of skincare and makeup sitewide! Osmosis Beauty has launched their 2019 Skincare Essentials Kit and New Year, New You Wellness Collection. Known for their holistic approach to beauty and wel … read more
Look INSTANTLY Younger with Instantly Ageless!

Look INSTANTLY Younger with Instantly Ageless!

Posted by Kate on 13th Nov 2019

Winter weddings, holiday parties, and family gatherings - keep your skin Facebook and Instagram ready with Instantly Ageless!It’s always important to look and feel our best. In this day and age our skin suffers Free Radical damage, contaminating pollutants, and harmful UV rays just by sitting in traffic. The question is, where can I go to keep my skin looking age-less and give it the nutrients it … read more

EltaMD: the Ultimate in Sun Protection

Posted by beautystoredepot on 22nd May 2019

     In honor of Skin Cancer Awareness month we wanted to create our beautystoredepot divas a simplified guide to Dermatology’s premiere sun care brand EltaMD.  EltaMD stresses the importance of protecting the skin from UVA/UVB rays and informs us of the negative interactions and contributions the sun can potentially create in our skin and inside our bodies.  EltaMD says s … read more

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Posted by beautystoredepot on 9th May 2019

     Mother’s Day is a day to appreciate, celebrate and the women we hold most dear to our hearts.  Whether that be with a spa visit, chocolates and flowers or even, yes, you thought it...SKINCARE it is our time to turn the tables and spoil them rotten. has created a gift guide to treat and pamper your Mom this Mother’s Day!Start with wrapping her in … read more

Clarisonic Versus PMD Clean Start.....and the winner is??

Posted by on 19th Dec 2018

Let me first start out by saying, if you aren't already using some sort of cleansing brush then I would strongly encourage you to do so immediately. Not only will a cleansing brush or device clean your face between 2-5x better than a washcloth or using your hands, but it will also allow your product to penetrate deeper and provide much better results. Now that we have covered this.....we can mov … read more

A Hidden Gem....Brave Soldier

Posted by beautystoredepot on 26th Nov 2018

Having been in the beauty industry for almost 15 years now, I have tried my fair share of products.... most especially facial cleansers.  I have used over the counter facial washes, incredibly expensive, anti-aging, mid-grade.....seriously, you name it and I have probably tried it at some point and time.However, I have now been using the same facial cleanser for 2 years and I have no plans on … read more

Pevonia - Classic and Timeless Beauty

Posted by beautystoredepot on 13th Nov 2018

In the world of skin care, there are a few names that are synonymous with the words 'Classic' and 'Timeless'. You may think of product lines such as Estee Lauder or Chanel when you think of those words and skincare combined. One name that you may or may not be familiar with is Pevonia. Pevonia has been a premier company in the world of skin care and were the first company to develop a Spa Ski … read more

Get a Grip!

Posted by beautystoredepot on 9th Nov 2018

                  Do you notice after an hour or two your eye shadow starts disappearing?  Or perhaps that beautiful plum color dulls after a half-day?  Maybe even your eyelids are a little slicker than you’d like making it hard to blend your shadow?  Well fear not bsd divas!  PÜR Cosmetics has created an eye shadow th … read more

Billy Jealousy: NOT Just for Men!

Posted by beautystoredepot on 8th Nov 2018

          Alright beautystoredepot divas and gents, it's that time of the year where we start doling out the specials on all of our exclusive brands! One of those being Billy Jealousy who believe “an investment in your appearance can really pay off”.  Billy Jealousy is a line of cosmeceutical products scientifically designed to help cleanse and promote the overall hea … read more

Get Beautiful While You Sleep!

Posted by beautystoredepot on 31st Oct 2018

NuFace Trinity – Your At-Home Facelift“What’s THAT crazy looking device?”  I asked my manager while she pulled the NuFace Trinity out of its box.“This is your tool for a more youthful looking face to use for the next 60-days,” she replied.  My heart skipped a beat!  Not because I was fearful, but excited to try the Trinity as it’s a non-invasive, anti-aging device that’s made in the … read more

Cleansing Your Skin Can be Complex

Posted by beautystoredepot on 16th Oct 2018

Cleansing Your Skin Can Be Complex. But, it doesn't have be be a challenge.There are so many skin cleansing products on the market so which do you choose? Why isn't there one that works for all skin types? Even Sensitive skin? A cleanser that doesn't dry my skin out, or that really cleans my pores? Or even better, also has anti-aging properties and makes my skin soft? Well, the truth of the matter … read more

Skin Purging - 'What's Happening?!?!'

Posted by beautystoredepot on 9th Aug 2018

So, you’ve been saving up for the latest and greatest skin care line. The products to end all products and dished out your hard earned cash. Excited at the prospects of perfect, flawless, no-makeup-needed skin. You read all of the directions on your new skincare line to ensure you make no mistakes and properly use them as they are meant to be used. Bedtime approaches as does the time for you night … read more

Osmosis - Harness the Power of a Healing Balm

Posted by beautystoredepot on 18th Jun 2018

Harnessing the Power of a Healing Balm 6/18/2018  Osmosis Skincare  0 CommentsWhether it's just seasonal or climate-based dryness, a high caffeine diet, or a result of over-exfoliation, sometimes your daily moisturizer just doesn't cut it and you need something that packs a little more punch. Continuing on our journey through the Moisturizing Collection, we are thrilled to … read more

Fitness for Your Face by NuFACE Trinity

Posted by beautystoredepot on 10th Jan 2018

If you are interested in an at-home, easy to use, non-evasive solution to your skin problems, the NuFace Trinity is for you.   … read more

Pevonia Lips Don't Lie!

Posted by beautystoredepot on 11th Dec 2017

The other day, while driving in heavy rush-hour traffic, I glanced in the rear view mirror, and caught myself pursing my lips in an angry way and really noticed my lips lines!  One cause of lip lines is, unfortunately, using our lips!Every time you purse your lips to drink through a straw or whistle a tune, you create folds in the skin. Over time, the repetition of this pursing motion can res … read more

Osmosis 'Shimmer Me' Holiday Gift Set

Posted by beautystoredepot on 21st Nov 2017

Your Osmosis Holistic Holiday Survival KitShimmer Me Makeup Gift Bag CLICK HERE 'Tis the season for late nights, libations, and loads of sweet treats! We love all of the festivities this time of year brings, but it can tend to overwhelm our schedules as well as our health and wellness habits. Osmosis Holiday Kits are the perfect tools to pamper your skin, internal wellness, and makeup looks s … read more

Osmosis Skincare: A Holistic Protocol for Dark Circles and Puffiness

Posted by beautystoredepot on 18th Aug 2017

This week's blog is courtesy of Osmosis Skincare.Back-to-school season is upon us which means early alarm clocks, fast-paced mornings, and long, jam-packed days. We live for the hustle too, but sometimes the delicate skin under our eyes just can't keep up (we're all guilty of rocking the 'indoor sunglasses' look). Luckily, we have just the tools you need to combat those dark circles and puffy eyes … read more

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