Sanitizer Scoop

Sanitizer Scoop

Posted by Kate on 22nd Jul 2020

Get the necessary sanitation and skin barrier protection for this season! Elite brands Aminogenesis iS Clinical have jumped on the wagon of glamming up Personal Protective Equipment. So don’t just match your face mask to your bag but kick the smelly sanitizer to the curb as well!

AminoGenesis has done all of us a favor by creating a Hand Sanitizer that is not only CDC approved but has key ingredients like Aloe and Vitamin A to protect your skin barrier. While shortages and delays are the new norm we can be rest assured this is manufactured in the USA and is conveniently sold in 3 pack for house, car, work or gift it to your questionable neighbors who get a little too close!

I find myself enjoying spray sanitizer a bit more, it’s lighter and easier to slather onto everything I own. iS Clinical hears that has one to offer! The cute, 80% ethyl alcohol sanitizer makes it a heavy duty disinfectant that won’t cause your hands to dry out! Fun fact, each time an iS Clinical Spray Hand Sanitizer is purchased, iS Clinical will donate a sanitizer to our heroes in hospitals (while supplies last).

Take yourself to that moment you just get back from the store, crank the A/C in your car, and lather hand sanitizer in your palms. While rubbing between your fingers you catch a whiff of the sanitizer that not only makes your eyes water but actually cough from the odor! Since this has started, it seems our sanitizers are getting smellier and smeller! iS Clinical loaded Hand Sanitizing Gel as potent botanicals like aloe, rosemary extract and sunflower seed oil. The aromatic scent is a nice change and is designed to hydrate skin, naturally sooth, adds antibacterial/antiviral properties, appropriate sanitation and vital nutrients to protect skins barrier.

Look for more pandemic blogs for tips, tricks and lighten the stress of our current circumstances. Also, don’t forget to check our Instagram for new, exciting sales and vast brand promotions! Together we will overcome potential spread and support one another in the process. Stay safe and healthy out there and as always thank you for shopping with beautystoredepot.

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