AGE Smart

Afraid of growing old gracefully? Perhaps you need a new perspective. Dermalogica doesn't look at aging as a disease that needs to be cured. Instead, it realistically approaches the natural aging process with products that slow the signs of aging and encourage the skin to stay healthy and strong.

It's not a magical potion, but after years of research, Dermalogica developed AGE Smart to prevent the biological triggers that lead to aging skin by focusing on three sources of premature aging: free radicals, UV damage, and excess sugar molecules.

The system of cleansers, creams, masques, and lip treatments use natural antioxidants to fight free radicals, vitamins and soy to help stimulate collagen damaged by all those suntans, and peptides to trap sugar, which, in turn, improves elasticity.

Of course, Dermalogica encourages other healthy habits to prevent aging skin, like protecting yourself from the sun, stopping smoking, eating healthy, and getting plenty of sleep.

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