Exfoliants & Facial Masks

Uncover smoother, brighter, healthier-looking skin with Bioelements skin care exfoliators. Although your skin naturally sheds the dead cells that clog pores, this process can slow with age. A Bioelements physical exfoliating scrub or chemical exfoliator will encourage this natural process to uncover a more radiant, clear complexion.

Whether your skin needs a surge of hydration, a purging of impurities, a boost of ultra-rich creme, or a dose of acne-fighters, Bioelements has a face mask for every skin type. Our clay face mask - Restorative Clay - will help clear and refine your pores as it smoothes your skin. Our acne face mask - Amino Mask - will destroy acne bacteria and unclog pores as it controls oil and helps heal acne blemishes. Our anti-aging facial masks like Ultra-Rich CremeTherapy, Gel Therapy, and Kerafole will keep your skin smooth, hydrated and soft as they strengthen. In just ten minutes, once or twice a week, our facial masks will deliver advanced ingredients, and make a major difference in the appearance of the skin.

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