NuFace Trinity

The NuFACE Trinity is your at-home solution to aging skin.  It lifts, firms, tightens and tones skin while improving elastin and collagen production.  It also allows your skincare serums to penetrate skin up to 40% deeper, increasing effectiveness.  It features smart reader technology for customized needs, adjustable current strength, automatic shut off after 20 minutes and is rechargeable.

The NuFACE Trinity tackles your skincare issues with convenient and effective attachments:

  • Facial Trainer: delivers microcurrents to the skin to stimulate and improve appearance (comes standard with the Trinity device)
  • Wrinkle Reducer:  utilizes red, amber and infrared lights to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • ELE (Effective Lip and Eye):  delivers microcurrents in a targeted manner to the eye and lip area


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