Gunilla of Sweden


These days many of us want to minimize our exposure to chemicals so we attempt to buy natural skin care products. What most people don't realize is that these natural products are usually over 90% water. With 90% water and only 10% of actual ingredients, you tend to loose any real effectiveness. Organic products are usually oil based and oil can be organic, but oil is not the best ingredient for the skin of your face.  Oil clogs pores. Gunilla of Sweden has finally solved this natural/organic dilemma.

Gunilla of Sweden offers the highest in nutrients, minerals and antioxidants while also never basing their products with water, oil, or chemicals. The result is an amazingly effective product. Gunilla of Sweden manufactures the only Hydro-Organic Skin Care line that uses base components made exclusively of fresh hydroponically greenhouse grown and 100% organic "oil free" botanical ingredients. Absolutely no other skin line has a higher or more effective oil free and organic botanical content.

The absolute factor for natural/organic skin care is ABC or active botanical content. All of Gunilla's products offer 70% ABC. Thus leading to the impressive effectiveness of this truly all natural product line.

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