Lifeline Skin Care

Lifeline Skincare


Lifeline Skin Care is focused on understanding the ever-evolving cellular structure of skin. Their products improve the look of your skin by working at the cellular level. Their stem cell skin care products include patented extracts from non-embryonic human stem cells—the same highly-potent stem cells that are active early in life. These extracts contain peptides, amino acids, and enzymes that help to increase collagen and elastin. They encapsulate these extracted stem cell proteins inside nanospheres to ensure the proteins remain active in our stem cell skin care. Lifeline Skin Care also utilizes small molecule technology with collagen boosting benefits and retinol-like results to help smooth, repair and restore skin to its former beauty. Lifeline then adds specialized antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other focused ingredients to create our creams, serums and complexes.

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