“The First Thing You Need is … a Pumpkin!”

Posted by Becky U. (BSD Esthetician) on 15th Oct 2021

....said Cinderella's Fairy Godmother.  Fall is once again upon us (my FAVORITE season)! I love everything about it; the colors, the weather, and THE FOOD! One of the season's quintessential veggies is the pumpkin.  There is so much to this goodness-packed gourd than meets the eye!  Healthy for inside and out!

Pumpkin has been used holistically for centuries, and is now one of the most beneficial, organic ingredients in skincare.  Used in a variety of products, it has so many benefits for the skin, including free-radical protection, brightening properties, exfoliation, and healing, to name a few! Here's a list of links to products that feature this fantastic superfood! Just click the name!

  • glo Skin Beauty Pumpkin Enzyme Scrub
    • Soft and effective exfoliation 
    • Multi-functional physical and chemical skin polisher
    • Environmentally-friendly 
    • Jojoba Beads combined with enzymes gently slough away dull surface cells for a smoother, renewed complexion
    • Features the rich, delicious scent of pumpkin

  • Sircuit Skin Youth Accelerator+ Pumpkin Enzyme Peel
    • All-natural pumpkin enzyme peel
    • Rich in anti-aging and skin perfecting nutrients that helps minimize free radical damage
    • Enzymes aid in exfoliating dead skin cells and impurities while delivering vitamins and nutrients to the skin
    • Protein-rich Albumen helps condition skin ensuring it stays luscious and soft

  • Elaine Gregg Soft Papaya and Pumpkin Masque
    • Made from natural extracts of pumpkin and papaya 
    • Crème-based masque helps to retexturize and smooth skin surface
    • Combo of beeswax and avocado oil moisturizes and hydrates skin, making it soft and supple
    • Kaolin refined clay tightens skin surface
    • Camellia oleifera extract (Japanese Green Tea) reduces any kind of skin irritation or redness
    • Healing and clarifying

Any one of these products are gonna give you brighter, more healthy skin, but if you have any specific questions about them or any others that we carry, feel free to give us a call!  Happy Autumn!!

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