VITAPHENOL Skincare....results seen DAILY!!

Posted by on 12th Sep 2011

I am blogging about VITAPHENOL Skincare this week and am super excited since the entire line is going to be included in the Emmy bags this Sunday....AND...guess who almost exclusively offers this product online?  That's right...WE DO and are VERY proud to do so!VITAPHENOL Skincare System is a new, revolutionary anti-aging system that also nourishes your skin.  Until recently it was … read more

iS Clincal YOUTH... It's hydration in a so much more!

Posted by on 2nd Sep 2011

I've been using iS Clincal YOUTH for years now and love the results it has on my skin.  If you read information on the product, you will see that SOME people experience results within a few hours, while others it may take a week to see any noticeable difference.  I am one of the fortunate people that see results within a few days due to the skin hydration qualities of the produ … read more

Instant Facelift....still a little in shock about how well this product works!!

Posted by on 24th Aug 2011

The same evening that my hubby and I ventured downtown, I also tried Instantly Ageless Instant Facelift.  Since I am a 30 something year old and...most a part time smoker...I have those lovely lines around my mouth.  (Just FYI  I WILL be quitting for good this month!)  I've tried several products that make a small difference, but nothing like this stuff.  … read more

Phyto Defrisant...Flyaways and Frizzies BE GONE! greasiness!

Posted by on 15th Aug 2011

So, it's been awhile.  My apologies...hubby went on a staycation and I just never found the time to work.  I did, however, try several new products and have discovered some new faves!It was a dear friend's birthday so we ventured downtown for dinner and drinks.  It has literally been years since my husband and I have gone downtown to 'go out' and since I am a girl who LOVES an excus … read more

Dermalogica Sheer Tint many answers all in 1 AMAZING product!!

Posted by on 1st Aug 2011

This week I'm going to chat about Dermalogica's Sheer Tint Moisturizer.  I have been using this product for about 4 years now and absolutely love it!  I previously used a mineral foundation which was great for my skin, but as I began to age and....most unfortunately...wrinkle I found that the mineral foundations and powder seemed to actually set in my wrinkles drawing ENTIRELY too much a … read more

My Two Year Olds Tub Tantrums Have Disappeared!

Posted by on 22nd Jul 2011

My daughter absolutely refuses for me to brush or comb her hair.  When I put her hair up, I can only use my hands.  If she even SEES a comb or brush, the breakdown begins!  It's been somewhat of a nightmare, so for a long time she just ran around with the 'crazy baby hair' as I call it.  It's especially difficult because she has curly hair ontop of it.  Luckily for my husb … read more

Got Brassy Hair? I got a remedy...

Posted by on 13th Jul 2011

My hair color tends to change colors...or at least shades...with the season.  This Summer I went much blonder that what I have in past years.  Unfortunately, my hair tends to 'pull brassy' as EVERY stylist I have EVER had has advised me.  Since I went even lighter, my a** has been fighting the brass!  I've tried several purple shampoos and all of them have been somewhat benefic … read more

Happy Fourth of July! ....and don't forget your sunscreen!

Posted by on 30th Jun 2011

With so many plans for the Fourth being centered around outdoor activities, I thought this would be a great opportunity to remind everyone how vitally important sunscreen really is.  We've all read the articles and know that we should be wearing sunscreen....but here are a few quick reminders WHY it is so very important.The number one cause of both skin damage and aging is sun exposureSkin da … read more


Posted by on 22nd Jun 2011

We just got back home from a VERY long 10 day business trip to San Diego and Vegas.  The San Diego show was an intense crash course for me on the back end...ins and outs...of our website.  Interesting, yet exhausting!  The Vegas show was all about bringing on the newest and best products for you to BeautyStoreDepot.  We did our research before going to a select few booths to di … read more

Gone in 60 Seconds cont...

Posted by on 24th May 2011

As promised, I did try Gone in 60 Seconds again this morning.  I applied more product on the wrinkles around my mouth and made more of an effort to massage the product into my skin.  Then, as directed, I applied a hairdryer for approximately 45 seconds.  The result?  The wrinkles around my mouth did diminish much more with the additional product.  The problem I had this ti … read more

Fine lines? GONE in 60 Seconds!

Posted by on 19th May 2011

We had a huge demand for this product so, after seeing our shipping department sending so many out...I decided it was something I needed to try.  The application of this Gone in 60 Seconds is very unique.  You start squeezing the tube to begin the product to flow and then apply liberally to the desired wrinkles/areas.  Then you smooth in the product and apply a blow dryer for 45 sec … read more

The best waterproof mascara....EVER!

Posted by on 3rd May 2011

With so many holiday obligations and parties...many of us our constantly on the search for the perfect waterproof mascara.  Ladies...your search is over!  Our blinc representative recently came into the office with a bag of samples.  We were introduced and she asked if I had used blinc and what I thought of the product.  Fortunately, before I answered she also explained how man … read more

The Amazing Clarisonic Skin Care Brush

Posted by on 19th Apr 2011

I decided to write this week on a product that I have been using for several years.  The Clarisonic Skin Care Brush.  I was fortunate enough to begin using this product right when it came out on the market.  The salon I was working at had training on the product and I attended the class.  One use and I was hooked!  This was in June of 2006 and I am STILL using the same bru … read more

FREE ZO Skin Health Cleanser!

Posted by on 7th Apr 2011

ZO Skin Health is a relatively new line that has a variety of awesome skin care products.  I personally have fallen in love with ZO Exfoliating Polish.  If you have every had a microderm abrasion, then you will more than likely love this product.  I even think that the polish is more effective than a microderm session, but that could be because you can use it whenever you 'feel the … read more

Let my product 'dummying'days begin!

Posted by on 29th Mar 2011

Since I've only recently rejoined the workforce....been pretty busy chasing my two year old daughter around..I will have to admit that I am guilty of 'letting myself go' a bit.  My ritual of products for my hair, skin, and face was quite long prior to having my daughter.  After she was born, I was so busy with her that it didn't take too long to cut down and cut out those rituals.  … read more

Tend Skin to the Rescue!

Posted by on 10th Mar 2011

Spring is here and that means bikini waxing and shaving.  Which, for me, also means those unsightly bumps and skin sensitivity.  BeautyStoreDepot has the perfect product for you!  Tend Skin has a line of products to assist with your sensitive skin.  Tend Skin calms razor burn, bumps and ingrown hairs in 24 hours. Just apply the lotion to legs, face, underarms, bikini area, fac … read more


Posted by on 8th Mar 2011

So, in an attempt to see if there's anybody out there actually following me on Facebook, Twitter, and this blog....I am shamelessly giving away FREE MONEY! That's right money!On ANY order simply type in under the coupon code: FB05 and receive a FREE $5. We carry thousands of beauty products for your hair, skin, nails, want it, we probably have it! Go to http://www.beautysto … read more

IS Clinical Active Serum..Acne Beware!

Posted by on 1st Mar 2011

I don't know about you, but I am 30 something and STILL struggle with acne. Some months are worse than others and certain times of the month are worse than ladies know what I mean. I have discovered my 'little secret' for those monstrous zits that pop up out of nowhere and it is IS Clinical Active Serum.This little miracle works immediately to take the discomfort out of the 'whoppers' … read more

FREE Travel Size Cosmedix Define and New Blogger

Posted by on 24th Feb 2011

Hello all! My name is Jade and I am the new blogger for Let me rephrase...I'm a new blogger in general and am definitely learning as I go. We are a family owned company and I have started working part time again now that my beautiful daughter is 2 years old and going to school twice a week. So, here we are...I use to be quite the 'product junky' but, as many of you Mommie … read more

Holiday Hand Care

Posted by on 22nd Dec 2010

So, as anyone in the beauty business knows, the Creative Nail Design 'Shellac' has hit the market and has just been HUGE! I see women all day who spend countless hours and dollars on having perfect, beautiful nails, but the skin on the hands around their nails gets no attention at all. A few tips on how to keep your nails and your hands moisturized and perfectly manicured this Holiday season are … read more

Anti-Aging Skin Tips

Posted by on 1st Dec 2010

Skin is the largest organ in the human body playing a vital role as the first line of protection, securing the most delicate organs in the body.Ways in nurturing the skin is considered essential for a person’s total wellness.Skin aging is a very usual problem a person encounters with the years.There are two types of aging categorized as intrinsic and extrinsic skin aging. The intrinsic aging is th … read more

Holiday Make Up Must Haves!

Posted by on 23rd Nov 2010

Around the holidays you always want to look your best. You go to more parties, and see more people, around the holidays than you do any other time of the year. Most of us do our best to look fresh, clean and festive. A few things I find very necessary this time of year are:1. Good Eye Make-Up Remover: A must have for removing all that 'smoky' eye makeup and 'big lash' mascara. I can't live wit … read more

SkinCare Products Prices. What is 'too good' of a deal?

Posted by on 16th Nov 2010

I get phone calls every day based on our 115% Low Price Guarantee. Customers call and they want me to match prices on Amazon, Ebay and even Craigslist sometimes! I don't know anyone who likes to 'lose' money, so how these products get sold for a serious percentage below our COST just baffles me!How could a retailer sell a product for less than wholesale cost and still make money? A few different w … read more

Dry Air doesn't have to mean Dry Skin

Posted by on 9th Nov 2010

Dry Winter Air holds basically no moisture. This can lead to all sorts of skin issues from dry patches to sensitivity and even breakouts. To combat dry winter skin, be sure you have a good daily moisturizer. There are also solutions such as moisturizing masks and great cooling and soothing serums.Some of my favorites are:1. Cosmedix Emulsion: This intense hydrator can turn dry, flaky skin smooth a … read more

Healthy Holiday Skin!

Posted by on 3rd Nov 2010

With Halloween behind us, we all need to prep our skin to look our best for the upcoming holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas just mean family, traveling, and lack of a normal routine, which can wreak havoc on your skin! Some great things to try for the holidays are Travel Sets! These typically contain air safe sizes and at great prices! My favorites include the iS Clinical Anti-Aging and iS Clin … read more

Clarisonic Cleansing Systems

Posted by on 27th Oct 2010

Four years ago, I was working at a salon/spa and we started carrying Clarisonic. At the time, I thought even the cost of it with my discount was just too much to spend on one skin care tool. Thank God I didn't listen to my pocket book.My Clarisonic is without a doubt one of the most valuable skin care tools today. All those other costly serums and creams you use will do you absolutely no good with … read more

The Act of Balancing - Your Skin That Is

Posted by on 20th Oct 2010

Recently I went on vacation and discovered that though the trip was great, the climate was incredibly different than that of where I live. I suddenly found my skin not adjusting as well as the rest of me to the dry climate.Balancing your skin can be real work. Here are a few tips and great products that help combat oil and dry patches, without breaking you out!1. Facial Cleansers without sulfates: … read more

iS Clinical Pro-Heal Serum! Multi-Purpose and Must-Have!

Posted by on 12th Oct 2010

We all have minor skin irritations from time to time. Some people are unfortunate enough to suffer from persistent conditions like rosacea and dermatitis.While I cannot complain about persistent irritation, sometimes I do find myself with minor redness, not to mention a bug bite or minor burn. When it occurs on the face, it’s particularly troublesome and everyone wants the problem to go away ASAP. … read more

iS Clinical - Innovative and Amazing

Posted by on 5th Oct 2010

Skin care junkies are flocking toward iS Clinical for a healthy, effective approach to skin care. iS Clinical is the newest, ultimate skin rejuvenation product line, with unique treatments that repair and revitalize the skin. Using the power of antioxidants and effectiveness of hydration, iS Clinical produces visible results. Some results are visible in one day! According to studies, it's truly th … read more

White Lightening by iS Clinical!

Posted by on 29th Sep 2010

These brand new "Innovative" products by iS Clinical are out and AMAZING!For anyone who has ever suffered from Hyperpigmentation & Discoloration from Sun Exposure, Acne Scars, etc.... iS Clinical White Lightening Serum and iS Clinical White Lightening Complex are must have break out products.iS Clinical White Lightening Complex is a precisely designed formula with select lightening agents that wor … read more

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