Antioxidants + Hydration = Great Skin!!!

Posted by on 21st Sep 2010

Antioxidant skin care products аrе becoming аn іmрοrtаnt раrt οf skin care regimens fοr women οf аll ages. Accumulated free-radical oxygen dаmаgе destroys cell membranes аnd promotes premature skin aging.Free-radicals attack аll cells іn thе body, though skin cells аrе thе mοѕt visible. Wrinkles, fine lines, dаrk spots, spider veins, аnd sagging skin саn аll bе attributed tο oxidization іn one w … read more

Reverse Sun Damage!

Posted by on 15th Sep 2010

Sun damage, also known as photo damage is a result of unprotected exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. It may be classified as either acute (as in a sunburn) or chronic (more gradual skin changes observed over time due to accumulated sun exposure). Chronic sun damage results in skin changes that may include age spots, hyperpigmented skin, fine lines and wrinkles and loss of skin tone and elasti … read more

Summer's Almost Over, but that Doesn't Mean it's Time to Lay off the Sunblock!

Posted by on 8th Sep 2010

Summer is almost over and so many people start laying off the sunblock. Unfortunately, the sun is just as strong through out the whole fall and winter! I used iS Clinical treatment sunscreen all summer and I've also discovered that they have it in POWDER version ($40) that can be continually applied all day long! iS Clinical Suncare is made with Titanium Dioxide - the safest form of sunscreen.I me … read more

Your Skin Between the Sheets

Posted by on 31st Aug 2010

<p>One thing many people don't realize is that a lot of what happens to your skin, happens at night. For example, your skin turns over 7 times faster at night than it does during the day.</p><p>Also, keeping clean sheets is very important for keeping oil, bacteria and other skin hazards off of your face. Many people wash their sheets and pillow cases when they think they need to … read more

End of Summer Hair Repair!

Posted by on 23rd Aug 2010

End of Summer Hair RepairWe all love summer for Sun, Fun, Splashes, Waves and Dives, but all the heat, chlorine, and salt can reek havoc on your hair! For hair that needs some serious recharging, try these great steps below.1. Clarify. One of the main reasons people have hair that looks “dull” is due to product build up, etc. You can try Kenra Clarifying Shampoo, Number 4 High Performance Hair Car … read more

4 Basic Steps of SkinCare

Posted by on 17th Aug 2010

There's tried-and-true ways to properly care for your skin, from the right way to cleanse your face, to the best moisturizers and sunscreens.Before we start with the proper daily 4-step skincare routine, you'll need to know your skin type. How you care for your skin is utterly dependent on the type of skin you have: oily, normal/combination, dry, sensitive or sun- damaged. Find out what skin type … read more

Anti Aging & ZO Skin Health!

Posted by on 28th May 2010

If you had heard the words “anti-aging” five years ago you probably would’ve thought of protesters outside a retirement home before you thought of the beauty industry. Today, however, it’s a household term. Personal care and cosmetic brands are hailing the anti-aging bandwagon and will do anything to jump aboard. But, how many of them deserve a ride? We recently came across an anti-aging fragranc … read more

Dermalogica: Sun block and your Skin

Posted by on 3rd May 2010

March 20 is the Vernal Equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere, when the sun will cross directly over the Earth’s equator. This brings the tilt of the Earth’s axis to 23.4 degrees, and this means that the sun’s rays hit us full-on.March 20 also is Nowruz, the Persian New Year. Doesn’t it make sense to you that the new year begins on the first day of Spring, when birds court and coo, and tender bud … read more

Why iS Clinical’s Active Serum is not only helpful, it’s NECESSARY!

Posted by on 20th Apr 2010

Why iS Clinical’s Active Serum is not only helpful, it’s NECESSARY! Just to begin, I love iS Clinical in general. Not just Active Serum, though it is my favorite! I love that their “post-cancer” safe products contain the most natural of ingredients in the highest concentrations available…. Their mission even states that they are: Dedicated to developing clinically validated skincare products t … read more

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