Kelly's Favorite Daily Products!

Posted by on 30th Oct 2012

Probably the most important things you do for your hair, skin and nails are the things that you do every day.  Not the special treatments that you get every once in a while.  As a stay at home mother of two, my daily routine must be efficient, effective and not dip into my children’s college fund!  With all the wonderful products out there to choose from, it can be a daunting task t … read more

Tough and Gentle? Clarisonic - The Perfect Skin Cleansing Combination!

Posted by on 23rd Oct 2012

I thought my daily facial cleansing soap and occasional exfoliating scrub were the best I could do for my skin. Then I got the Clarisonic Skin Care Brush System and I realized that what I was doing not only took more time every day but it wasn’t really helping. It wasn’t helping my visibly cavernous pores, it wasn’t helping my occasional mammoth zit issues and trying a different product ever … read more

beautystoredepot Celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Posted by on 16th Oct 2012

Practically everyone knows someone who has suffered with breast cancer.  Over 1/3 of invasive cancers that women are affected by is breast cancer.  Fortunately with the help of the Susan G. Komen foundation along with many others, more and more women are now receiving annual mammograms to help with early detection and more aware of symptoms.  Many of us think of the symptoms as … read more

Say Hello to Clear, Bright Skin and Goodbye to Dark, Puffy Eyes!!

Posted by on 23rd Jul 2012

New to the Innovative Skincare brand, we welcome iS cosmeceuticals to beautystoredepot for your skincare needs. These products combine science and beauty to give you both immediate and long-term results. My two favorite products are the Age treatment complex and the Restorative eye complex. Both products are multitasking and designed for men and women of all skin types and ethnicities. is age comp … read more

iS Clinical - Your Solution for Acne!!

Posted by on 10th Jul 2012

Got Acne? We have the solution! with products from Acne...smackne! I have struggled with acne off and on since my pre-teen years...or I guess the politically correct term now is Tweens? It's a battle that I have finally pretty much overcome with age AND one of my favorite lines, iS Clinical. I am going to take you through a few of my favorite iS Clinical anti-acne products. T … read more

Jump Start Your Skin With Bioelements Kerafole!

Posted by on 26th Jun 2012

Many thanks to Ms. Andrea for this week's blog. She LOVED her results from the Kerafole Purge and I seriously can't wait to try it myself!Many of our followers may be familiar with the trend of body cleansing, and detoxing, but did you know you can detox your skin? The top layer of your skin is made up of both living and dead cells, and they’re always growing and dividing. When this happens, cell … read more

Mommy MUST Haves! This year, give her a gift that will make her feel completely pampered, healthy and beautiful!

Posted by on 7th May 2012

Here are some of this season’s most popular gifts as well as some of my personal favorites.There is new science and technology for healthier, firmer, clearer skin that radiates beauty. Let your Mommy show her skin’s true beauty with these products.Great Mother's Day Gift Ideas by beautystoredepot featuring products from BeautyStoreDepot.comJust cleaning with your hands can leave behind oil and … read more

Summer's Hottest Color - Mango!

Posted by on 11th Apr 2012

Designers are pushing Mango for this summer's hottest color. The best way to wear Mango? Accessorize!!! It doesn't have to all be in the clothes or on the runway. Check out these mango inspired nail, lip and eye colors to ensure you're still in style. Best of all... the new Clarisonic Mia 2 in Mango!Summer's Hottest Color - Mango! by beautystoredepot featuring an opi nail … read more

RxSystems Facial Moisturizer: LOVIN' IT!!!

Posted by on 2nd Apr 2012's been awhile since I blogged.  My hubby has had me doing a lot of HR stuff along with interviewing and hiring two new team members.  A BIG welcome to Tabitha and Sara!It was last Wednesday or Thursday and I looked in the mirror and realized that I have seriously been neglecting moisturizing my skin.  Since I am still acne prone and in my 30's, I often times prefer to just … read more

iS Clinical Hydra Cool Serum: Hydrating, Refreshing, Anti-Acneic....need I say more?

Posted by on 2nd Mar 2012

This morning I woke up and immediately began rushing around...needed to get my daughter ready for school, me ready for work, clean up for tonight, etc.  I NEVER and I mean NEVER...seem to have enough time.  Even if I wake up an hour early, I can almost guaranty that something will come up causing me to be just a few minutes late to wherever I am going.  I ran out of my moisturizer a … read more

SkinMedica: YOUR New Skincare Line!!

Posted by on 17th Feb 2012

A quick congratulations to our Facebook GRAND prize winner Marcie Clark!  She won a gloMinerals Make Up Kit AND a blinc Mascara Heated Lash Curler!  YOU COULD BE NEXT!  GRAND prizes every month. This week's blog is written by Kelly Schmitz.  Thank you Kell! SkinMedica products contain restorative ingredients that work below the skin's surface to regenerate the health of the ski … read more

BeautyStoreDepot's TOP 5 Valentine's Gift Ideas for Under $50!

Posted by on 6th Feb 2012

It's hard to believe that January is already gone and Valentine's Day is almost here!  GEEZ!!  Where is this year going?  Since Valentine's is only days away...I thought I would share with everyone my favorite gift ideas. we go!!Let's start off with us gals!  I decided to go less expensive with these top 5's simply because practically everyone is still trying t … read more

What's the bare minimum you should do for your skin?

Posted by on 23rd Jan 2012

Let's talk basics!  If you search the internet for beauty articles, you will be simply overwhelmed.  Everyone seems to have their own opinion on what you should, shouldn't, must, and NEVER do to your skin.  I decided with ALL the confusion...let's just get back to the basics...or the BARE minimum you should be doing for your skin.What's first?  Well, I's completely ob … read more

Vitaphenol Cellustructure Rejuvenating Serum: One word people....WOW!!

Posted by on 11th Jan 2012

We are in the middle of our Vitaphenol week on Facebook and I couldn't be happier about giving away 2 Vitaphenol kits each valued at $500.  In preparation for this week, I started to use some samples of the Vitaphenol Cellustructure Rejuvenating Serum.  I must admit that I wasn't really expecting to see any immediate results (so many products claim this and fail miserably), but much to m … read more

The Clarisonic Opal: Another fabulous skincare addiction added!

Posted by on 9th Jan 2012

I started using my Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion Skincare System approximately 5 weeks ago (sorry...been so busy with the holidays I forgot to mark the exact date).  I have been searching for a solution to my puffy, tired, and dark eyes for over a year now.  I have tried a ton of eye creams that may help one area or another...but none that attack all of my glorious issues.  At leas … read more

BioElements: Unlike Ordinary Skincare

Posted by on 22nd Dec 2011

Specialists have been using Bioelements highly individualized formulas to treat the skin, target complexion concerns and discourage skin aging for years. And, unlike ordinary skin care, each Bioelements product is a professionally created treatment designed to make a major difference in the appearance of your skin.Bioelements sunscreen, facial cleansers, treatment creams, skin lightening or anti-a … read more

Brand 11: blinc Mascara Best Waterproof Mascara...EVER!

Posted by on 19th Dec 2011

With so many holiday obligations and parties...many of us our constantly on the search for the perfect waterproof mascara.  Ladies...your search is over!  Our blinc representative recently came into the office with a bag of samples.  We were introduced and she asked if I had used blinc and what I thought of the product.  Fortunately, before I answered she also explained ho … read more

SkinMedica: Skin Rejuvenation at Its Best!!!

Posted by on 15th Dec 2011

SkinMedica believes that everyone deserves to have beautiful, radiant skin and have spent years of research to formulate the absolute best products.  SkinMedica's entire line is based upon the science of our skin's natural ability to heal.  They have taken the science even further so that their products not only enhance our skin's natural abilities, but also penetrate below the skin's su … read more

ColoreScience Pro: A Powder that Doesn't Set in My Wrinkles...FINALLY!

Posted by on 12th Dec 2011

ColoreScience Pro is a simply fabulous makeup line that was designed with the health and beauty of your skin solely in mind.  ColoreScience Pro is so incredibly light, that you can even forget that you're wearing it...BIG bonus points in my book since I absolutely can't stand to 'feel' makeup on my face throughout the day.  Their products are recommended around the world by physicians wi … read more

Dermalogica: A Lesson in Skin Health

Posted by on 9th Dec 2011

It's time to be truthful about our skin and become friends with the most popular line of skin health products. Dermalogica classifies skin care as a health issue as opposed to a cosmetic concern. Their products are exclusively manufactured in the USA, and have never taken part in animal testing. Dermalogica, now in it’s 25th year has become the number one choice of skin care professionals worldwid … read more

RxSystems...The Magic of Glypoic Complex !!

Posted by on 6th Dec 2011

A very smart physician, Dr. Samuels, saw the need for skin and hair care products that are easy to use, affordable and effective. In 1996, he launched the company, Rx Systems, a unique line of glycolic acid based skin and hair care. These products match with almost every skin and hair issue in the form of a simple and effective course of therapy you can perform at home. With Rx System’s products f … read more

iS Clinical...the Best Active Ingredients to Create the Perfect Products

Posted by on 1st Dec 2011

I have been an iS Clinical gal for years now!  If you have followed my blog, you already know how much I absolutely LOVE iS Clinical Youth Complex.  I was hooked in the first two weeks because it delivered such amazing and visible results quickly.  In addition, my husband and I both constantly use the iS Clinical Active Serum.  iS Clinical Active Serum is simply an awesome prod … read more

gloTherapeutics...the PERFECT ingredients for the PERFECT products!

Posted by on 23rd Nov 2011

This is another fantastic blog by one of our new bloggers, Kelly!  All gloTherapeutic’s products are mineral formulations that nurture, protect and heal the skin while providing faultless coverage and a variety of color palettes. They use only pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and are entirely talc-free. gloTherapeutic’s skincare products are intricate formulations that work to support skin he … read more

gloMinerals Makeup....simply the BEST!

Posted by on 21st Nov 2011

I'm not a huge foundation girl, but when I am wanting to put my best foot forward I ALWAYS use gloMinerals Makeup.  Why you may ask?  Because it's simply the BEST!  The coverage is amazing, but the 'feel' is still light and above all it doesn't set in my wrinkles like many other foundations tend to do.  It lasts all day long and it's actually good for your skin.  Mmm, mayb … read more

BeautyStoreDepot's 12 Brands of Christmas Promotion

Posted by on 9th Nov 2011

I have been working on this promotion for weeks and can't even begin to tell you how incredibly excited I am!  We have thousands of dollars of kits, gifts, packages, and samples from our top brands to give away to YOU!  Most of these gifts are several $100's of dollars in value including Clarisonic Systems, 2 LEROSETT 3 part kits, gift baskets, and MUCH, MUCH more!  All you hav … read more

Phyto does it again with Petit Phyto Hair and Body Shampoo!

Posted by on 24th Oct 2011

For an's picture of my skin after the peel and I am VERY proud to say that this is no makeup ladies AND taken outside!  VERY pleased with the end result and may even due it again soon!  I'm also on week two of using the Clarisonic Opal and am VERY impressed with the puffiness of my eyes decreasing AND the softness of the skin in general underneath my eyes!  I will blog … read more

One Minute Manicure....seriously AMAZING!

Posted by on 19th Oct 2011

A quick update on the breakout is clearing up and the results are fabulous!  My skin has tightened up, pore size reduced, and the lines around my mouth have visibly diminished.  Remember, it is the perfect time to do a peel and we offer the products you need for before and after care.  I'll post a pic of my skin on the next blog.  I've also started using the Clarisoni … read more

Farouk CHI Flat Iron....Straighten me right on up!

Posted by on 11th Oct 2011

For a quick update, my face is looking AOK after the Cosmedix Timeless Peel with Jesner.  I do have some breakouts, which isn't uncommon, so I will post a picture of my face after the breakout clears up.  I am VERY happy with the results though.  The wrinkles around my mouth have obviously reduced...which was my main goal...and now onto the next.Since I haven't been able to use much … read more

Thank you Cosmedix for peeling the years off my face!

Posted by on 3rd Oct 2011

Several years ago while managing a salon, I had a Cosmedix Timeless Peel done.  It was more for being a practice dummy for the aestheticians than my actually wanting or probably needing it done at that time, but since many years have passed and I now have fine lines, wrinkles, and larger pores I decided to do it all over again.  I had my consultation about two weeks before I had the peel … read more

Dermalogica Soothing Eye Make-Up's the ABSOLUTE best!

Posted by on 19th Sep 2011

So...I honestly can't believe that I haven't already chatted about Dermalogica Soothing Eye Make-Up Remover.  When I first started writing for this blog, I instantly talked about the products that I use daily or on a semi-regular I am amazed that I overlooked this ABSOLUTELY amazing eye make-up remover.  I have been using this for at least seven years now and seriously refuse … read more

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