Osmosis Harmonized H2O Hangover

Posted by beautystoredepot on 4th Sep 2013

I had been curious about the Osmosis Harmonized H2O Hangover for sometime now and had the chance to use it this past weekend.  It was a friend's 40th birthday party downtown and while in route, my husband needed to stop by the office for a quick second.  I happened to remember to ask him to grab a Harmonized H2O Hangover kind of anticipating I might not feel too well.

Well, I was right!  An open bar for many hours, plus venturing to the W afterwards turned into not only a late evening, but also a pretty bad hangover when I woke up.  So bad I really wasn't able to eat at breakfast, but I did manage to get the 2 ml of Hangover down in addition to some water as the product recommended.  The results weren't exactly immediate.  I would say it took me a good hour before I really felt the difference, but once it hit I was able to eat and started feeling a ton better!

Our New Travel Must-Have

I am kicking myself because I forgot to take it before I went to sleep (even after making an assertive effort to go ahead and read the directions).  Hangover can be used after a night of drinking to help reduce the possibility of a hangover or the hangover itself in addition to the following morning.  I'm curious to see what kind of impact it may make when using it both that evening and the next day.

Osmosis Harmonized H2O Hangover is now going to be one of my travel MUST HAVE products.  I don't know what it is about vacation, well wait, I do....it's called me loving Pina Colada's while on the beach...but I typically have one morning where I am moving a bit slow. 

Until next time.....stay tuned and stay beautiful!

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