Happy Thanksgiving from beautystoredepot!

Posted by beautystoredepot.com on 21st Nov 2012

It's turkey time!  The moment we start to feel a little relief from the summer's heat here in TX, I start getting excited about the holidays.  I think I probably drive my hubby crazy especially since we have had our tree up for almost a month already....yes, I know, I know...you are suppose to wait until after Thanksgiving.  That was the rule in our household when I was a kid...and one I always strongly disliked and swore wouldn't be the rule in my household.  It's a battle I probably wouldn't win, except I have our three year old on my side and...of course...majority rules! 

Thanksgiving is a time when we should all stop....take a break....and count our blessings.  Instead, it usually consists of me running around like a crazy woman in the morning frantically trying to get my side dishes together, rushing from one side of the family to the next (different cities mind you), hoping the little one takes a nap to avoid a complete meltdown, then getting home and finally being able to breathe.  Don't get me wrong...I still love it!  I love the food, cherish the time with the family, and love seeing my little one experience all of our family traditions as she grows up.  The one thing I could do without are those few extra pounds packed on into only one weekend, but hey....we only live once and it just wouldn't be Thanksgiving if I didn't eat a little too much.

We chat alot about beauty around here, but there's nothing more beautiful than holiday time with your loved ones.  I think we all fail to stop....take a breath....and relish in the moment(s) during the busy holiday season.  My challenge to both myself and you....is to allow yourself these opportunities to stop, breathe, relish, and be thankful.  We have all gone through difficult times, but we all ALSO have those amazing people in our life that love us unconditionally and support us no matter what.  Take the time to show them some love this Thanksgiving!

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Wishing everyone safe travels and an incredibly Happy Thanksgiving! 

Until next time.....stay tuned and stay beautiful!


Happy Thanksgiving

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