How To: Perfect Blowout

You know the feeling of leaving the salon with fabulous bouncy hair... then you try to fix it yourself and it's never the same?  With our helpful tips and tricks, you can achieve the perfect blowout at home.How to Get the Perfect Blowout



  • First, shampoo hair thoroughly to get rid of any excess product, oil or dirt.
  • After showering, gently squeeze water out of hair with your hands.  (Roughing your hair up with a towel will increase frizz and damage.)
  • To give hair a glossy, smooth finish, apply a straightening balm to your fingers and run them through your hair.
  • Next, dry your hair a bit without using a brush, then separate into four sections and clip. 
  • Now, comes the bulk of the work.  We recommend using a vent brush when blowdrying as it cuts down on time by allowing air to flow through.  Take a small part of hair from your first section into your brush, and as you brush down from roots to ends, follow with your blowdryer.  For the best results, always use the nozzle attachment with your dryer and work at a 90 degree angle, blowing hair down.  This will promote smoothness and shine.
  • To truly get that perfect salon look, go back over the section, drying with a round brush that's best suited for your hair type and texture.  Try to pull hair away from the face as you go so that it falls naturally.  If you pull it towards your face, it will curl under and give you a more dated look.
  • This process does take some time, but in the end, will be worth it so don't rush.  You've probably noticed it takes your hair stylist 30 minutes or more to style your hair, so it should take you at least that long.  The more you go through these steps, the easier it will get.
  • If your hair still isn't perfectly smooth after blowdrying, go over any frizzy areas with a flat iron.
  • To finish your blowout, use a lightweight shine spray.

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