Frizzy Hair: Causes and Treatments

Though the word may sound funny,Frizzy Hair Causes & Treatments if you constantly battle with frizz, you know it’s no laughing matter. While environmental factors can increase your frizz, many daily habits can also contribute to this frustrating concern. Fight frizz with our tips, techniques and treatments.

What causes Frizzy Hair:

  • Climate: Humid, hot or rainy weather can increase the level of water in the air, disrupting hair molecules.
  • Harsh Towel Drying: Many of us have the bad habit of rubbing hair as hard as we can to help it dry faster. This will actually affect your hair’s pattern, increasing damage and frizz.
  • Hair Texture: Naturally curly and wavy hair tends to frizz more easily. 
  • You’re not using the right product: Harsh products that can dry out your hair will only increase its tendency to frizz.
  • You’re not using enough product: If you don't apply enough product, it won't fully penetrate or protect your hair.
  • You’re only treating hair in the morning: You may spend a majority of your morning routine devoted to managing frizz. If you double your efforts by also treating at night, you can increase the effect and potentially shorten your morning routine. 
  • Over Heating and Styling: Too much heat or overuse of products can damage your hair, causing breakage that will result in frizz. Also, if you continually touch your hair to smooth it down or touch up its style, you are only promoting more frizz.
  • Over Coloring: Chemical processing can alter the structure of your hair, promoting frizz-causing damage.

Tips for fighting frizz and Our Recommended Products:

  • Use the right products: Smoothing shampoos, conditioners, masques or leave-in treatments will drastically reduce frizz, static and flyaways. Products like MOP POMegranate Smoothing Lotion with natural UV and thermal protectors, ensure your hair is protected from heat styling. The end result is frizz-free hair with incredible shine. 
  • Use a thermal protectant before any heat styling: This will protect against further damage, while many formulas also provide smoothing benefits. Be sure to use a sufficient amount of product too, from roots to ends, for all over protection. Phyto Phytodefrisant Botanical Hair Relaxing Balm is a best seller due to its ability to soften, smooth and straighten the hair fiber. It's heat-activated and protects unruly hair, making it the perfect anti-frizz thermal protectant.
  • Get a better blowout.  When blowdrying, always use the provided blowdryer attachment nozzle to direct air flow. Aim your blow dryer down so that air flows down upon hair, helping to increase smoothness and control. If you blowdry in all different directions, you will disrupt your hair pattern, increasing frizz.
  • Go easy on wet hair.  When you’re towel drying, lightly press your hair with the towel instead of aggressively rubbing hair into a mess. Also avoid twisting hair and harshly wringing the water out of it.
  • Use a product that cuts down on your blowdrying, to avoid over heating during your blowout. MOP POMegranate Smoothing Conditioner provides many benefits like detangling hair, reducing frizz, correcting texture, and dramatically reducing blow dry time. 
  • Treat hair well at night too. Using a silk or satin pillowcase will allow hair to glide across, not tug or knot on your pillowcase.

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