BB, CC… now DD creams? Beauty creams explained.

BB Creams have been quite the rage for sometime now.  Of course as time goes on, brands release new creams, including CC creams and now even DD creams.  If you’re feeling a little confused, you’re not alone.  We’ll help explain this beauty alphabet and let you know if you really need one.

  • BB Creams:  Most of us have either heard of or tried out Beauty Balms or Blemish Balms.  Often BB Creams are similar to tinted moisturizers or sheer tint foundations.  They include added skincare benefits like sunscreen and can be worn as a primer, moisturizer or foundation.  If you generally don’t have any skin concerns and prefer a sheer tint, this is for you.
  • CC Creams:  These Complexion Correctors or Color Correctors have added skincare benefits and are similar to a BB Cream.  However, CC Creams are meant more to help even out skin tone and target redness, dullness or dark spots.  If you like the feel of a sheer foundation that still corrects your skin concerns, this is for you.
  • DD Creams:  These Daily Defense or "Dynamic Do It All" creams provide all the benefits of BB and CC Creams but primarily focus on anti-aging.  If your main concern is lines and wrinkles, this one is for you.

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