5 Steps to Brighter Skin

One of the most common skincare questions we receive is how to brighten dull skin.  Dull, uneven skin tone can occur with other concerns like dark spots or dryness and you'll often start noticing it when the seasons change.  With our 5 easy steps, you'll be on your way to beautiful, glowing skin.5 Steps to Brighter Skin

Exfoliate:  Using an exfoliant will break down dead skin cells that dull the skin's surface.  It also encourages your other products to better penetrate for better results.  However, don't get overzealous and overuse your product.  Overuse will only lead to more damage and can sensitize your skin.

Apply your Vitamin C in the morning:  We cannot stress enough how essential Vitamin C is for your skin.  Among its many benefits are lightening dark spots and brightening all over skin tone.  It also provides antioxidant protection to fight off free radical damage.  Apply your Vitamin C in the morning before your sunscreen.

Always wear Sunscreen:  Some exfoliants and brightening treatments can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight.  As we all know, sun exposure will also darken your skin, whether all over or in patches.  You may not even see the effects of the damage until years later, so it's important to apply your sunscreen every day.

Use smarter makeup:  With constant innovations in beauty, there always seems to be a newer, better foundation.  Many formulas today include special ingredients and particles that reflect light to give your skin a natural-looking glow.    

Apply a nighttime treatment:  As important as your sunscreen and Vitamin C are for daytime, your skin also needs a nighttime treatment.  Your skin goes through natural cycles during the day, the protective daytime mode and reparative nighttime mode.  So if your goal is to repair dull skin or dark spots, it's essential to use a reparative product at night.  While serums deeply penetrate, creams and gels are also great options.

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