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Sircuit Skin White Out + Daily Under Eye Care

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Sircuit Skin White Out + Daily Under Eye Care
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Sircuit Skin White Out+ Daily Under Eye Care 0.5 oz

Brighten and strengthen!  This fast-absorbing under eye crème is formulated to target the specific needs of the eye contour area targeting puffiness and dark circles by specifically diminishing appearance of shadows and reducing the look of bags with color-correcting diamond core particles.  A Chiral blend of skin-supporting ingredients help to improve tone, while Biolumen™ Firm, a brand new technology, captures UV light as energy, and like LED light therapy, transfers it to beneficial aspects of the skin helping to promote skin-radiance. Finally, Zinc Oxide is added to help protect this delicate area from environmental damage.

Key Ingredients: 

  • Granpowder Lumière DP - Light-dispersing, color-correcting diamond core particles settle in the fine facial lines and subtly illuminate a blue light-deflecting effect. This effect helps to reduce the look of shadows, thus enhancing the overall luminosity of the skin
  • Eyeliss™: -A complex of three active peptide molecules that are designed to help reduce the appearance of puffy eye bags and to help smooth the eye contour area as a way of providing anti-aging benefits and supporting radiant, more youthful looking skin
  • Magnolia Extract - An antioxidant that is able to neutralize free radicals helping to maintain the skin’s overall quality and appearance
  • Haloxyl™ - A peptide that helps to support firmness and the tone of the eye area while also helping to reduce the appearance of dark under eye circles which can add to the appearance of aging
  • Lactic Acid - A Chirally Correct Alpha Hydroxy Acid that exfoliates and softens the skin help improve the appearance of tone and texture
  • Malic Acid - An AHA from berries that provides antioxidant and gentle exfoliation activity that may help to visibly revitalize skin, as well as improve the appearance of facial lines and skin-discoloration
  • Biolumen™ Firm - When used topically, it captures UV light as energy and like LED light therapy, transfers it to beneficial aspects of the skin by helping to diminish the appearance of fine lines and inadvertently helping to promote skin radiance
  • Arginine - An amino acid that enhances the beauty of smooth skin while helping to guard against skin wrinkling and loss of firmness
  • Adenosine - An amino acid that can be an effective method for providing anti-aging benefits. When applied topically, it has been known to offer significant improvements in the visible signs of aging
  • Adenine - Helps to provide skin-supporting properties


  • Helps to promote radiance
  • Helps to support the delicate skin around the eye
  • Helps to protect against environmental aggressors
  • Minimizes the appearance of dark circles and under-eye puffiness


  • Use daily
  • Pump a tiny amount of White Out™+ onto your finger
  • (Use your ring finger for less pressure and always in towards your nose) tapping gently around cleansed eye area in a circular motion following your bone structure
  • Use White Out™+ in the morning to treat dark under-eye circles and to help smooth the appearance of fine lines. Shake well before use
  • Follow with Sircuit Skin Day Care™+ moisturizer


Product Reviews (7 Reviews)

  • 5
    Woah, this is great!!

    Posted by Gavy Kingsdale on 11th Sep 2020

    It’s always a drag looking into the mirror and seeing my unattractive dark bags under my eyes. I’m cheap when it comes to spending money on any products so, I usually use homemade products. But I realized that those didn’t do any good for me so I decided to scroll online to see what I can find. I found the white out and I have no regrets spending money on this!! It did everything I wanted. The white out relieved my dark circles and gave me a nice radiant look!

  • 5
    Eliminated my dark circles!

    Posted by Monserrat Torres on 28th Aug 2020

    My insecurity gets the best of me every time I look in the mirror and see my dark circles. I always wake up looking super tired. My grandma uses this and told me to try it because it transformed her appearance. She was more than right! I finally don’t look like a zombie. The confidence it gave me was unrealistic. My dark circles were GONE!

  • 5
    Great for men too!

    Posted by Fred Boyd on 18th Aug 2020

    This miraculous eye care product removed my dark circles and brought out the young me again. My job gets me stressed out sometimes and I lose sleep on some nights. The next morning, I wake up with bags and a tired look. This product gave me a lively look and gave me my confidence back.

  • 5

    Posted by Karla Reyes on 16th Aug 2020

    This really helped me resolve my eye bag problem and made me look more alive in the mornings. I’ve gotten several compliments at work since I started using this eye care product.

  • 5

    Posted by Kris on 3rd Feb 2015


  • 5
    Works in days

    Posted by Debbie on 27th Mar 2014

    The product works already and came on time.

  • 5
    Highly Recommend

    Posted by Sreenivas on 7th Jan 2014

    Great product and working well for me. Highly recommend this for dark circles and puffiness

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