Sircuit Skin Immaculate Mist+ Hydrating Mist for Problem Skin

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Sircuit Skin Immaculate Mist+ Hydrating Mist for Problem Skin
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Sircuit Skin Immaculate Mist+ Hydrating Mist for Problem Skin 2.0 oz

Drink it up and say thank you after!  Problem skin has enough oil, but not enough hydration.  Immaculate Mist steps in, fighting against ongoing conditions that occur with problem skin providing antioxidant and anti-aging benefits that helps block the deleterious effects from environmental stressors working to refresh and revitalize the skin.

Key Ingredients:

  • Chronocyclin® - An anti-aging Chrono-peptide that works with the circadian rhythm of the body to help wake up the skin with benefits that help promote skin radiance, especially to skin suffering from a lack of sun exposure or the effects of jet lag, and is ideal for enhancing the skin’s overall appearance
  • Resveratrol (from Giant Knotweed) - A potent antioxidant rich in polyphenols with skin protective and anti-aging properties for younger-looking skin 
  • Sodium Hyaluronate - An intensely moisturizing and hydrating ingredient that is found to boost overall skin hydration by improving moisture retention at the skin’s surface. This moisturizing benefit also helps to improve skin roughness leaving skin to feel soft and smooth
  • Totarol™ - A plant extract from New Zealand’s Totara Tree. This effective antioxidant works to neutralize free radicals and provides astringent characteristics that can help to potentially relieve excessive oiliness and fight against the ongoing conditions that can occur with problem skin
  • Olive Leaf Extract (Organic) - Derived from the Olive Leaf commonly used to soothe the skin, this botanical antioxidant is rich in Vitamin E which helps to defend the skin against free radical damage and is also been known to help improve skin hydration
  • Tea Tree Oil (Organic) - Provides astringent characteristics that help to relieve excessive oiliness and fight against the ongoing conditions that can occur with problem skin
  • Lemon Peel (Organic), Grapefruit (Organic) - Stimulating and refreshing with potential brightening properties
  • Limonene - A Chirally Correct form of a bioflavonoid found in citrus rinds that is a powerful antioxidant which helps to restore skin tone and enhances the natural cleansing and detoxification processes of the skin


  • For combination, oily and/or problem skin types
  • Helps support the skin's protective pH mantle
  • Provides lightweight hydration for problem skin
  • Helps to protect the skin from environmental aggressors
  • Helps to fight against the ongoing conditions that can occur with problem skin


  • Gently mist Immaculate Mist™+ over your face and neck
  • Press into skin
  • Let dry
  • May be used both morning and night following a SIRCUIT® treatment serum or as needed to refresh, protect, and restore moisture. Shake well before use
  • May also be used in place of a daily moisturizer as part of your home treatment program for combination, oily and problem skin

Product Reviews (9 Reviews)

  • 5
    Gave my skin so much hydration!

    Posted by Priscilla Prince on 5th Sep 2020

    Hydration is the best skill that this mist contains. Using this twice a day strengthened my skin and left me feeling refreshed. I’ve used this mist for a few months and I already got 4 of my best friend’s to try it out too! My skin looks extremely purified of it’s problematic areas. I certainly recommend this product.

  • 5
    Wonderful mist!

    Posted by Scarlett Haze on 26th Aug 2020

    I can’t stress enough how amazing this mist is! I use it everyday and it still surprises me. My skin is so soft and well cleansed! I haven’t felt fresher in my life!

  • 5
    Best Mist I’ve used my whole life!

    Posted by Linda Moore on 19th Aug 2020

    If you take a look at my cabinet, you will see half full mists that I don’t touch anymore. I’ve spent years trying to find a mist that was easy on my skin and helps with my appearance. I finally found it! This stuff works great!

  • 5
    My favorite mist!

    Posted by Sylvia Crocket on 17th Aug 2020

    My skin is sensitive to certain weather conditions and this mist works as my savior! It eliminates any exposure to problematic conditions. I’ll never stop buying this lovely bottle!

  • 5
    Fabulous product!

    Posted by Julie on 16th Jul 2015

    Fabulous product!

  • 5
    always great

    Posted by Samantha on 11th Feb 2015

    I have ordered this product, which I love, several times. The product has been delivered by beautystoredepot each time. The product is always great .

  • 5
    Sircuit Skin Immaculate Mist

    Posted by Debra on 11th Nov 2013

    Moisture for Teenage Problem Skin. Purchased this for my teenager...great for breakouts that need a little moisture. You can see an immediate difference.

  • 5
    Sircuit Skin Immaculate Mist

    Posted by Amanda on 11th Nov 2013

    Good toner to add to the rest of your Sircuit Skin products. Doesn't seem like it will do much when you first use it. A water-like spray that must have something good in it, as it feels refreshing after washing and exfoliating. Seems like 4 sprays will cover the face and neck area. More would be needed if you wanted to saturate a cotton ball and then apply. Doesn't have an offensive odor. My skin has improved significantly from using all of Sircuit Skin products. This is a great addition to the rest of them.

  • 5
    I love the product I ordered.

    Posted by Samantha Scheurn on 11th Nov 2013

    I was very happy with the service provided and that my order was received on time. I have received products from this company before and have never had a problem. Great service and of course I love the product I ordered.

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