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NuFACE Trinity and Trinity Wrinkle Reducer Gift Set

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NuFACE Trinity and Trinity Wrinkle Reducer Gift Set
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NuFACE Trinity and Trinity Wrinkle Reducer Gift Set

WHAT IT IS: This gift set includes the NuFACE Trinity Device, NuFACE Facial Trainer Attachment and NuFACE Trinity Wrinkle Reducer Attachment. The Trinity is a multi-solution, skin care device innovatively-designed with interchangeable treatment attachments to help rejuvenate and improve your appearance. The Trinity device comes standard with the Trinity Facial Trainer, a microcurrent treatment attachment, FDA-cleared for facial stimulation. Also included in this kit, is the Trinity Wrinkle Reducer, a red LED treatment attachment FDA-cleared for the treatment of full-face wrinkles.

WHAT IT DOES: The Trinity Facial Trainer gently stimulates the larger surface areas of the face. The Trinity Wrinkle Reducer delivers a precise combination of red and infrared light that penetrates different depths of the dermis, targeting fine lines and deeper wrinkles.

WHY WE LOVE IT: The Trinity Facial Trainer was clinically-tested for improved facial contour, skin tone and wrinkle reduction in as little as five minutes a day.* The Trinity Wrinkle Reducer naturally reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Gift Set Includes:

  • NuFACE Trinity Device
  • NuFACE Trinity Facial Trainer (microcurrent) Attachment
  • NUFACE Trinity Wrinkle Reducer (red and infrared LED) Attachment
  • NuFACE Gel Primer
  • Charging Cradle and Power Adaptor
  • User Manual and Quickstart Guide   

How to Use:

Trinity Wrinkle Reducer

  • PREP: Cleanse skin
  • SMOOTH: Treat 7 sections of face for 3 minutes each (21 minutes total)
  • FINISH: Apply preferred skin care products

Trinity Facial Trainer

  • PREP: Cleanse skin and apply the NuFACE primer.
  • LIFT: Glide the NuFACE Trinity Device over face as directed.
  • FINISH: Remove the NuFACE primer with a damp cloth.

INTERNATIONAL USAGE: The NuFACE Trinity power supply accommodates 100-240vac, 50/60Hz which is compatible with virtually all countries. The device comes with a standard non-polarized two-prong plug; a plug adapter may be required for certain countries.

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