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Jan Marini BioShield Rapid Recovery Complex

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Jan Marini BioShield Rapid Recovery Complex
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Jan Marini BioShield 2.0 oz

Rapid Recovery Complex with advanced hydration and silicone occlusion for superior post-procedure recovery.  Stay on the cutting edge of post-procedure recovery with Marini BioShield. Hydrates and protects the skin to enhance recovery while reducing visible social downtime. This patented, silicone-based, non-petrolatum formulation with targeted growth factors, peptides and anti-inflammatory agents provides an occlusive, oil-free matte-finish for superior wearability and satisfaction. Designed for immediate use following chemical peel treatments, PDT (photo dynamic therapy), ablative and non-ablative laser procedures, and most treatments commonly associated with social downtime.

Key Technologies:

  • Growth Factors
    • Epidermal - stimulates skin growth at a cellular level working as a healing agent
    • Fibroblast - enhances production of collagen
    • Transforming - improves the appearance of aging skin by diminishing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Anti-Aging Peptides - encourages the skin to manufacture new collagen and establish structure
  • Hyaluronic Acid - provides skin with lasting moisture
  • CoEnzyme Q10 - energizes skin in an effort to repair damage and ensure the health of cells. Protects against photaging
  • Silicone - makes the skin appear smoother and more radiant due to their light reflective properties and ability to fill in lines and pores


  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Oil and paraben-free
  • Safe for ablative procedures
  • Near invisible matte finish protects skin and significantly increases user experience and satisfaction
  • Patent pending silicone-based non-petrolatum barrier protection for immediate post-procedure recovery
  • Targeted growth factors, peptides, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid reduce downtime and redness, speed healing and recovery while enhancing treatment results


  • DISCLAIMER: This product is intended to be applied like a mask in a thicker layer to cover the skin for barrier protection. It is not meant to be rubbed in or patted on
  • Always wash hands prior to application
  • Apply a uniform, slightly visible layer over the entire treated surface
  • Apply product in one direction only using slow, smooth, and long motions
  • For most uniform coverage, apply the product using multiple pea- to dime-sized increments as required
  • Starting along the tear duct, spread the product directly across the face toward the outer edge of the cheek as shown

  • Repeat motion in stripes from the center face to the outer jawline progressing downward across the cheek to cover the entire mid-face and upper lip
  • Starting at the center of the forehead, spread toward the temple and down the outside edge of the face. Repeat to cover the entire forehead
  • To cover the chin, start along the outer jawline, near the ear, and spread toward the center of the chin
  • Repeat for the opposite side of the face
  • The product will slowly dry, creating a flexible, enriched silicone barrier on the skin for recovery
  • Do not 'spot fix' once applied
  • To fix areas after application, thoroughly remove all product and reapply
  • After recovery, the product may be used in a thin invisible layer to enhance hydration and provide continued recovery benefit. Make-up may be applied over the product at this time

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