How To: Romantic Updo

If it’s date nightHow to Create a Romantic Updo and you’re looking for an easy romantic hairstyle, we’ve got an updo just for you. This look is soft and simple and only requires a few products. Follow our tips for styling freshly washed hair or our quicker approach if you’re in a hurry. 



If washing your hair right before styling, apply your blow dry lotion to damp hair. This will increase smoothness and shine, reducing frizz.  For best results, blow dry hair section by section using your round brush.  After prepping hair, it’s time to style.  Part your hair to the side, allowing front layers to sweep slightly across your forehead.  Using your curling iron, loosely curl your hair from mid-shaft to the ends, working in sections.  Gather curls to the back of your hair into a loose chignon (at the nape of neck), leaving a few face-framing layers loose.  Secure your curls with bobby pins then set with a lightweight flexible hairspray for your soft look.  If you’re in for a long night, or your hair needs extra hold, use a spray with a stronger hold. 

Short on time?  If you’re not washing your hair, use your dry shampoo to refresh hair, remove excess oils, and give texture, body and bounce.  Be sure to apply this section by section and allow 1-2 minutes for it to dry, before brushing hair, then styling.  Allow a few face-framing layers to lie loose, while pulling the rest of hair into a bun with your fingers.  By using your fingers, instead of a brush, you can create a softer, romantic look.  Now curl your face-framing layers, and set with lightweight hairspray.


Whether you’ve got plenty of time to style or you’re about to run out the door, this updo is flattering and easy, and uses supplies you probably already have.

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