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gloTherapeutics Cyto-luxe Face Essence

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glotherapeutics Cyto-luxe Face Essence 1 oz

Cyto-luxe Face Essence conditions and nourishes the skin. Powerful yet lightweight, this luxurious treatment promotes detoxification and helps the skin build a defense system against environmental toxins. Cyto-luxe Face Essence contains ingredients clinically proven to strengthen the protein bonding structures that work to tighten the skin. Argan Oil nourishes the skin while regulating sebum secretion. Skin is left soft and rejuvenated. Recommended for Mature Skin.
MYTH: Only individuals with dry skin should use products containing oil.
FACT: Someone with dry (alipoid) skin, which lacks oil, can benefit from oil-rich products but they're not the only ones! Argan Oil is beneficial for both dry and oily skin. Having a high fatty acid content, it is easily absorbed and leaves no oily residue behind. In addition, Argan Oil helps soften and freshen the skin while helping regulate sebum production. Cyto-luxe Face Essence contains this multi-funtional oil as well as a host of other skin-benefiting ingredients.

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