Curlisto Blow Me Clean Dry Shampoo

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Curlisto Blow Me Clean Dry Shampoo
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Curlisto Blow Me Clean Dry Shampoo 5.5 oz

Blow Me Clean Dry Shampoo refreshes hair while neutralizing odors by absorbing excess sebum and build-up. It rejuvinates hair, adds volume, and ultimately creates a long-lasting look. Suitable for all hair types. Don't be afraid to overuse! For the best oil absorption, section hair and spray each section at the root, holding 6-8" away. Blast the hair at the root to banish any residue. Apply the spray at night to let the dry shampoo absorb oil overnight before roots get oily.


  • Next Day Hair
  • Cleanses & Refreshes
  • Protects Color
  • Sulfate & Paraben Free


Shake well before each use. Hold can 8-10 inches from hair. Starting from the roots, spray evenly throughout dry hair. Once product dries, use fingertips to massage out excess product. If the nozzle clogs, rinse with warm water and clean with a cotton swab.



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