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IPL PhotoFacial Face
Full face Photo Facial Includes MegaPeel session for those who qualify. Rosacea clients would not qualify for a MegaPeel microdermabrasion, diamond or crystal. The IPL Photo Facial service is great for the control and reduction of Rosacea and highly recommended by many Dermatologist for this condition.
Face $149
Neck $75
Chest $149
Trio- Face, neck, & chest $350

ST Skin Tightening
NIR- Near Infrared technology uses a infrared light module.This treatment causes deep dermal heating which tightens the underlying collagen. The treatment is cumulative and results peak in 90 days. This treatment is for the neck, lower jaws and lower face. Improves skin texture and smooths out fine lines, tightens and builds collagen. Great treatment! Purchase a package of 6 and save. Treatments are priced according to specific area. Combined treatments for multiple areas are priced separately.

Photo Facial for active Rosacea. IPL Photo Facials are probably the only thing that actually works to calm the redness and irritation of Rosacea. This service is highly recommended by Dermatologist to control the symptoms of Rosacea.

Photo Facial for both hands. Eliminates discoloration, brown spots, redness and plumps up the collagen to give a more youthful appearance. Great service, add on to any other photo facial area for a discounted price.

Acne/ Cysts
IPL treatments for acne breakouts and cysts is a definite breakthrough. The IPL treatment kills the underlying bacteria, heals the lesions, rejuvenates the skin. This is a treatment that actually shows improvement for acne clients. This service will also lighten or eliminate acne scars, improve indented skin, reduce overall redness and keep the skin clear of breakouts. Great for active breakouts to clear them up faster. Spot treated Cysts breakout is reduced and or eliminated.

Skin Tags and Iregularities

Skin Tag Removal
A skin tag is a small fibroma that appears either single or in multiple formation. They are commonly found on the neck, breast, backs, underarms, or on any part of the body. They can become inflamed if irritated and can be unsightly. The removal process is safe, simple, painless and effective in removing protruding or flat skin tags. Pricing starts at $25.00 for a skin tag removal area. Multiple skin tag removal areas, pricing will be giving during a professional consultation.

Hemanglomas (a.k.a. anglomas, ruby points or blood spots)
Hemangiomas are minor vascular abnormalities of the skin found on the face, neck, chest, legs or back. There are many types varying in depth (superficial to deep). Cherry angiomas are bright red to purple dots of blood found on the upper trunk. Removal is quick, easy and painless. Pricing starts at $25.00. A professional consultation is needed for multiple areas.

Millas (a.k.a. whitehead)
These plugs of sebum are covered with layer/s of stratum cornified cells and are commonly found on the facial area where there is poor skin exfoliation such as very oily or very dry skin. Milias are commonly found on the forehead and cheeks, or under the eyes. These bumps can grow in size as well as multiply in the effective areas. Removal is quick, easy and painless. Pricing starts at $25.00. A professional consultation and pricing will be given for multiple Millas removal.

Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra skin extensions
DPN are skin tags that are prevalent in Fitzpatrick Skin Types V-VI, dark skin, including African- American and Afro-Caribbean. These lesions appear in adolescence and increase with againg. They are darkly pigmented with no scales and believed to be genetically caused. They are commonly found on the face and neck, especially on the cheeks and orbital areas. Removal of this type of skin DPN is safe, quick, painless and effective. Pricing for multiple DPN is giving at a professional consultation.


Signature Luxe Facial with Osmosis Skincare Facial Infusion

Combines active powder blends and the innovative technology Osmosis Facial Infusion providing exceptional results without compromising the health of the skin.  This facial contains concentrated formulas to increase cellular turnover, heal, lighten and lift hyperpigmentation and impurities.  With no downtown, this treatment offers immediate and long-term results through 30 days of collagen building ingredients.  

This is a customized facial, so let our experts create a customized treatment just for you.  Whatever your skin needs, you and your skin will receive with ALL the bells and whistles.

(*may also include dermaplaning or microderm)

55 Minutes: $155

Osmosis Skincare Beauty Express

Great for those with no serious skin care problems and/or those on limited time schedules or budget.  Let our pro pamper and prepare your face by lovingly selecting the perfect cleanse, buff, and hydration for your face and create an at home protocol for your skin needs.

30 Minutes:  $50

Osmosis Makeup Consultation

Let us help you create your signature look.  Receive a personalized makeup service or lesson with a professional akeup artist for a complete revamp to refresh your look.  

30 Minutes: $50

Mini Pick Me Up Facial
This is a ultimate quick pick me up facial for the client on the go. Includes double cleansing, steam, manual exfoliation scrub with papaya and pumpkin extracts, lactic acid 40% peel and a intensive moisturizing mask. Finishing with a professional moisturizer and sunblock. Ready to go and very effective. You skin will be exfoliated and hydrated, smooth and silky. Wonderful!

Age Smart Facial
The results you’re going to see with a Dermalogica skin treatment are unlike anything else in the industry because we exfoliate the skin. We double cleanse the skin, do extractions and finish up with a customized massage and masque technique. With products that are unequaled, you're going to see your skin glowing, more luminous, and hydrated. Quite honestly it's going to be in its optimum condition, the best skin you've ever had.

Micro-Retinol Peel Facial
From acne to aging, vitamin A derivatives can improve the skin dramatically and bring self-confidence back to its users. This treatment is 3 steps and does include a Retinol peel, serum and luxury hydrating mask. This incredibly luxurious application allows clients to experience a peel without downtime.

Professional Skin Consultation and Evaluation
Complimentary evaluation, education and recommendations on services and products. Includes skin scanner evaluation.

Brow Tinting & Shaping

Brow Tinting
Tinting of the brows to make them look more natural and dramatic with safe vegetable dye. Service performed by a licensed professional.

Lash Tint
Tinting of the lashes with a all natural vegetable dye for safety. Service performed by a licensed professional.

Brow shaping and tinting
Shaping of the brow and tint is applied to add color. Performed by a licensed professional.


Waxing - Brow Shaping   $25
Waxing - Lips                $15
Bikini Wax                     $35
Waxing - Chin                $20
Waxing - Lip and Chin     $30

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