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Aqua Reveal Gentle Action Water Peel for Body

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Aqua Reveal Gentle Action Water Peel for Body
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Aqua Reveal Gentle Action Water Peel for Body 5.0 fl oz

Regular exfoliation is vital to maintaining healthy, clear, and youthful looking skin, not only for the face but for the body too! This water-based gel contains no acids, scrubs or enzymes, and gently removes dead skin from body areas that require extra exfoliation. Utilizing SMART EXFOLIATION™ technology, you can adjust the level of exfoliation you need, from light to deep. 

Great for hands, elbows, knees, and feet. Try it before a manicure or pedicure. Perfect before applying self-tanner too! 


  •  Uniquely formulated for use on the body
  •  Easy to incorporate into your daily shower or bathing ritual
  •  Patent-pending brightening formula
  •  Patent Pending Formula
  •  Contains a patented brightening ingredient
  •  Dermatologist and Allergy Tested
  •  Over 95% natural ingredients
  •  Cruelty-free
  •  No Parabens
  •  No Synthetic Dyes
  •  No Phthalates
  •  No Triclosan

Directions for Use:

  • Best for use on areas with little to no hair.
  • Especially good for hands, feet, and knees. 
  • After a shower or cleansing the skin, lightly towel-dry skin so that it is slightly wet but not completely dry.
  • Apply gel onto skin and massage area to release dead skin cells.
  • Massage longer and add more gel as needed for more exfoliation in areas with more dead skin accumulation such as the feet.
  • Rinse thoroughly to remove dead skin cell buildup and residue.
  • Follow with body moisturizer.
  • Do not use under running or still water.

Additional Information:

Depending on your body care routine, body skin may initially be less used to exfoliation than facial skin. After using this product, you may notice some slight continued peeling afterwards. This is normal because the body skin is not used to regular exfoliation and it is a sign that the skin is responding to the exfoliation process. Continue to exfoliate and moisturize as normal.

As skin on the feet tends to build up and be thicker than other parts of the body, for best results use product 2 – 3 times a week.



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