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  • Lumixyl MD Topical Brightening System Full Kit

Lumixyl MD Topical Brightening System Full Kit

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Lumixyl MD Topical Brightening System Full Kit

The Lumixyl Brightening System is not only an innovation in skin brightening technology; it is a series of innovations that were designed in four cascading formulations. Each product in the System has been engineered individually to promote your brightest, healthiest skin. Together as a system, they amplify that result, all without the need of hydroquinone (HQ) or HQ bi-products. The Lumixyl Brightening System is an entirely new approach to naturally brighter, more vibrant skin, representing a new physician-grade standard in skincare. The Lumixyl Brightening System is compelling for these reasons;
  • It is a unique multi-faceted approach to hyperpigmentation
  • Four highly innovative products work synergistically to target existing hyperpigmentation and to prevent future hyperpigmentation from occurring
  • Powerful but amazingly gentle, the non-toxic ingredients yield visible results without the risks of posed by current prescription and over-the-counter agents
  • Each product represents cutting-edge technology in its own category and is designed to leverage the Lumixyl peptide (Decapeptide-12)'s mechanism of action for maximum results
  • Protocols can be tailored for your specific needs by your skincare professional
  • Ideal for all skin types

The Full Kit contains four full-size products (about a 5-6 week supply when used daily). Compared with other physician-dispensed brands, this premium priced system delivers on value by requiring both fewer products and fewer "steps" to accomplish a better overall result. Regardless of price, no other brand does just what the Lumixyl Brightening System does.

Directions to Using an Airless Pump:

This product has an airless pump dispenser which uses a vacuum system to dispense the product. When using your airless pump for the first time, you will need to prime the container by pumping out excess air. To prime your pump, cover the opening where the product comes out of with a finger and at the same time pump slowly about 10-15 times. This will help to push extra air out and get the pump working correctly or "jump-started". If at anytime your air pump stops working, simply repeat the priming process.


Please see individual products for ingredients.

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