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Lerosett Acne Clay Treatment - Pro Size 10 oz

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Lerosett Acne Clay Mask 280 ml./ 10 fl oz. Professional Size:

A Pure Natural Product, Lerosett is a face mask based on a natural clay which contains the active ingredients that are effective against oily and problem skin. Lerosett normalizes the oil production of the sebaceous glands, absorbs excessive oil and effectively removes the breeding ground for impurities. Lerosett does not contain any dyes, synthetic or chemical additives. Lerosett is recommended by dermatologists and professional skin care specialists worldwide.


Based on a natural clay Lerosett is a specialty treatment mask with active ingredients effective against impure, problem skin, blemishes, milia, comedones, sebaceous cysts, congested skin.  As a mask or spot treatment it goes far deeper into follicles absorbing more oil, dead skin cells and toxins than any regular clay or topical cleanser can.  Can also be used to prevent ingrown hairs and razor burn and treat insect bites.


Facial Mask Method: To remove pimples, absorb oil, prevent future pimples, and detox, apply a full facial clay mask for 10 minutes. In the beginning, during initial clearing phase use a full mask often--1 or 2 masks per day, even 3 for deep cystic acne. (Don't forget to moisturize if your skin becomes dry). A mask should dry within 10 minutes, if it takes longer you have used too much. It's not how thick it's how often that matters.

Spot Treatment: You can stop a pimple from forming if you spot treat often and early. Also spot treat after pimple extraction, this will close the opening and prevent a scar from forming, spot treat several times per day.  (A bit thick is OK since it's only on the pimple and not the surrounding skin). Let dry for 15-20 minutes, or longer if you like. Remove with warm water soak if necessary. Apply spot treatments as needed and often. You can sleep with a spot treatment as well, never sleep with a full mask.

Active Key Ingredients:

A rare, highly processed "Chemical-Free" natural clay that is rich in a combination of critical key elements and minerals Clinicaly Proven to be 100% Effective against acne and many other skin impurities. Among these natural elements are minerals like, magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, zinc and copper.



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