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Brave Soldier

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The Brave Soldier line of products was developed specifically for the challenges faced by athletes trying to protect their skin. Athletes challenge their bodies every day in a never-ending attempt to improve their performance and reset the boundaries of their accomplishment. Living the active life has many benefits but it doesn't come cheap, and often it is the athlete's skin that pays the price.

Brave Soldier addresses the skin-related problems faced by athletes, one by one. To fight the adverse effects of moisture, friction and sun, as well as the potential for skin infections, the answer can be found among these products which are divided into four categories.

  • Skin protection - Whether training for or participating in a favorite sport, the largest organ of the body needs to be protected from sun or wind burn and the effects of skin chafing.
  • First Aid - In addition to friction, the skin occasionally suffers from damage incurred from a fall or crash.
  • Skin care - First rate products to maintain healthy skin.
  • Shaving care - Counter the irritating effects on the skin of shaving.


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