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These nourishing formulas are perfectly blended to provide the optimal dosage of essential moisture and proteins to treat dry or very dry hair from roots to ends:

  • Proteins to restore the deficiencies on the lengths, bathing the hair in renewed softness;
  • Lipids to create an effective barrier on the fiber's surface and protect it from drying out;
  • Vitamins and Minerals to provide a boost of energy on the scalp.

Care and Styling products for extremely sensual, soft and polished hair , easy to mold and long-lasting perfumed.

THE NUTRISEDUCTION TREATMENT Specific Products for dry hair based on Cashmere wool extracts protecting and reinforcing the hair fiber.
Specific products for Very Dry Hair based on Oat Phyto-nutritive ingredients and Cashmere wool extracts providing the hair with Lipids, Minerals and Carbohydrates preventing dehydration; Proteins and Vitamins complete the daily nutrition of the hair.

THE SENSUAL NUTRISEDUCTION STYLING Formulas rich with Orchids Extract ideal to create sensual and intriguing styles to enhance hair definition and shine, making it soft and easy to mold. The hair are left straight and perfectly defined or curly and incredibly defined but also light and free to move and long-lastingly perfumed.


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